Introducing 3 secondary schools in Langley that we visited!

These schools accept international students, and each school has a coordinator for international students. We met with the coordinators who take care of the needs of the international students at school.

1. Aldergrove Community Secondary School


Aldergrove Community Secondary School has special programs teaching IT and Business/Marketing as well as strong hockey team and other sports clubs.


2. Langley Secondary School


Langley Secondary School has a deep history and tradition in Langley. Currently, the school is building new facilities to offer better education environment. This school offers high quality academic programs as well as a variety of elective courses like musicals, football, creative arts and auto mechanic program to enrich students’ education.


3. Brookswood Secondary School

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Brookswood Secondary School is run by 3 term system. This school especially offers French immersion program and equestrian program as well as specialized basketball and soccer programs. The school’s basketball and soccer teams are very professional, and they play in the high school league in the United States.

After visiting these three schools, we were impressed to see their warm welcome and enthusiasm for international students!