CLA 100 is is for any age group as the skills taught in the program can be applicable to any level of any subject. This program develops students’ leadership by teaching skills like time management and goal setting. With this program, students will have success in their studies in the long term and design their future step by step.


  1. Discovering Your Dreams
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Mastering Your Time
  4. Developing Your Potential
  5. Foundation for Critical Skills
  6. Test Taking/Note Taking Strategies
  7. Financial Power
  8. Practical Leadership Skills

In CLA 100 program, we also introduce Jgoals, which is a specialized online management system. We empower students to reach their goals through specific daily action plans made on Jgoals. The functions of Jgoals are:

  • Scheduling and reminder system for achieving goals
  • Follow up management after CLA 100 program
  • Unlimited communication space for mentors, students and parents